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REVISE is a volunteer organisation which provides qualified education workers to support the learning of isolated students. REVISE teachers travel to remote locations for placements which are usually of three to six weeks' duration. While on placement, REVISE teachers work with School of the Air (SOTA) Port Augusta staff, supervising children's lessons. The placement supports or in many cases provides respite for the usual supervisor (mother or governess).



To seek more detailed information about requesting a REVISE placement, go to Requesting a Placement.



Becoming a REVISE volunteer provides an opportunity for enthusiastic retired teachers and other qualified education workers to travel to interesting locations, experience life in remote communities and meet and live with families on isolated properties.



Volunteers also find that they enjoy continuing to use their skills and expertise to help young people's learning. They are also stimulated by involvement with innovative delivery methods; specifically satellite based video learning technology. REVISE teachers often form long term connections and friendships with station families and communities where they take placements.



To seek more detailed information about volunteering with REVISE go to Volunteering.



In addition to "normal" placements, REVISE offers other services to support isolated students' learning through:

  • Work in metropolitan locations, supporting students who are unable to attend schools. These placements are usually for two to three hours each week.

  • Provision of telephone based learning assistance program (LAP) support for students in remote locations.


REVISE is an independently incorporated volunteer organisation supporting isolated students' learning. It is guided by a management committee with representatives of parent and teacher groups. Its volunteer management is based in Adelaide. REVISE works in close collaboration with ICPA and is proudly under the patronage of SACWA, the South Australian Country Womens' Association.


Page last updated on 9 March 2009